Spiral Living Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the Illinois Valley since 2006. Our mission is to create a sustainable, self-sufficient community in the Illinois Valley. In order to achieve this overall goal, we work to help all who live in the Illinois Valley to secure the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, transportation and health care.

Illinois Valley Farm & Garden Festival

Saturday, September 13, 2014 | 10am to 4pm | Jubilee Park, Cave Junction


10:00 am | Patrick Dodd
11:15am | Guppy
12:30pm | Lonesome Road
2:00 pm | Two Foot Daddy
3:30pm | Skogkatten

Workshops & Demonstrations

10am Kevin “the welder” Coopee, Tool sharpening demo
10am Mark Witchers Qi gong workshop, Tai Chi
11am Kung Fu Demo- Rising Dragon
Noon Seed Saving Workshop with Joe Ninnemann
1pm Healing Warrior Wellness yoga class with Nick Reynolds
1pm Reya Food forest discussion
2pm songwriting workshop with Patrick Dodd, bring your chair
2pm Mound Culture, building a Hugelkulture Garden & other permaculture techniques- Roxanne Sterling-Falkenstein

Workshop Details

10:00 AM

Grassy Area- Mark Wichers will lead an introduction to the principles and practices of Chi Gong, as well as demonstrating beginning Tai Chi forms.
Canopy- Barbara Ford will host Art Space from10-4. Kids and adults can participate in a variety of fun, hands-on projects using recycled materials.
Pavilion- Jennie Reed/Master Preservers will be tabling from 10-4, offering information on canning, drying, pickling and preserving your harvest.
Stage- Kevin Coopee will demonstrate and discuss various methods of tool sharpening with a focus on safety and effective technique.

11:00 AM

Grassy Area- Michael Spring and his class will demonstrate Kung Fu forms and discuss the Nature-based roots of this ancient form of “medicinal movement”. Live drumming will accompany this presentation.

12:00 PM

Pavilion- Joe Ninnemann will teach a Seed Saving workshop. This basic-to-intermediate class will include a discussion of plant biology, techniques for ensuring seed purity and how to collect and store your seeds. Seed saving protects our heirloom crops, and saving your own seed allows you to select for plants that will thrive in your environment.

1:00 PM

Grassy Area- Yoga instructor Nick Reynolds will lead Healing Warrior Wellness. This is an all-levels, choose-your-challenge power vinyasa style of yoga that comes from the martial arts tradition. Students focus on their breath in a movement meditation while developing strength, balance and flexibility of body, mind and spirit. Bring water and a towel.
Pavilion- Reya will facilitate a discussion of the proposed Food Forest project. This project would apply Permaculture principles to orchard culture in a number of local sites.

2:00 PM

Grassy Area- Patrick Dodd will lead a Songwriting workshop. NEEDS CHAIRS
Pavilion- Roxanne will lead a workshop on Hugelkultur/Mound Culture and other Permaculture techniques. Hugelkultur is the “ultimate raised bed”, a technique of incorporating woody debris into your garden that can enhance soil fertility for years, as well as reducing the need to till and water.

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