EPISODE 6: Fermented Hot Sauces


Learn how to make fermented hot sauces with Michael Franklin of FOLK Food!


In our sixth episode, Michael Franklin demonstrates how to make a variety of Fermented Hot Sauces using both raw and fire roasted jalapeno peppers. While most sauces are made by simply cooking or mixing together onions, tomatoes, and peppers, fermenting your ingredients beforehand kicks it up a notch! Especially when it comes to the benefits and flavor profiles of lacto-fermented foods that we’ve discussed in previous weeks. In its most basic form, a fermented hot sauce recipe is simply made with peppers and a salty brine; simple, easy, and delicious. All hot peppers contain varying levels of Capsaicin, an active component that produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. It is known to release endorphins, increase blood circulation, and increase warmth in the body when you’re feeling lethargic or lacking vitality. Sauces don’t just have to be made with spicy peppers, they can also be made with sweet peppers, fruits, and various herbs. In this video, Michael shows us that the sky is the limit by adding in seasonal apples, lemon peel, and MORE. Sauces can be enjoyed on almost any food dish, even labneh cheese, which he also shows us how to create using common household tools & ingredients. Be BOLD and SPICE up your meals with something new!

Michael Franklin is the co-owner of FOLK Food, a food truck operating in the gorgeous Illinois River Valley of Southern Oregon. Through their cooking, they provide access to healthful, delicious foods with a range of cultural influences on their rotating menu. Michael and his wife Angela also offer non-medical end of life services such as education and advocacy for conscious living/dying, grief support, home funeral guides, home burials, advanced directives, and deathcare directive assistance through Crossroads Community DeathCare.

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