EPISODE 4: Milk Kefir with Tesha Lynde


Learn about the history of milk kefir grains and how to make your own kefir at home with Tesha Lynde!


Continuing our Fall Virtual Fermentation Festival on Friday October 22nd, Tesha Lynde, takes us all the way back to 600 AD & dives into the fascinating history of milk kefir grains and the Caucasus mountain people who kept them a secret until the 1930’s! The milk kefir grain culture was harnessed somewhere in the Caucasus mountain range between Europe & Asia. The grains themselves are quite unusual in that no other cultured dairy product is known to come from grains. Though the precise origins of these grains have been shrouded in mystery, one thing has been made clear: milk kefir grains must be acquired. The specific polysaccharides, bacteria, and yeasts that makeup kefir grains have been handed down from generation to generation. You can however, multiply your milk kefir grains to pass the culture on to friends and family. Kefir contains probiotics similar to the many other fermented foods we have discussed in our series. Drinking kefir holds many proposed health benefits such as: aiding digestion, controlling high cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, and decreasing lactose intolerance! Learn where to purchase kefir grains and how to make your own kefir at home in our latest episode!

Tesha is a loving mother, skilled farmer, and passionate about fermentation. Besides the never-ending homesteading projects, Tesha is starting a canning company called “Just Because We Can”. She strives to create a self-sustaining permaculture farm to serve her community and teach her child the importance of self-reliance and health benefits from ancient traditional methods.

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