Earth Scouts!

Earth Scouts! Program

COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions challenged our organization’s ability to host educational events & safely connect with our community, leaving teachers, volunteers, and students isolated. More than half of the people we serve live in under-resourced and rural areas throughout Southern Oregon where poor internet access has plighted many from accessing virtual gatherings and educational materials. Many of the young people in our community are also struggling with mental and physical health during the pandemic with the decrease in human connection. As substance abuse and suicide rates double, we see a great need to uplift our valley’s youth.

Our Earth Scouts! program formed in 2021 and inspired by our late Board Member Scout, provides a safe outdoor educational experience specifically for (pre)teens and adults to heal from isolation and industrial culture. Through deepening relationships with themselves, each other, and the living earth, participants will build self confidence and trust in themselves and peers as they develop outdoor and rural living skills that they can depend on in uncertain times. Scout embodied what a community needed, and her compassion, humanity, and wilderness experiences are driving forces of this program.

We invite you to explore this life-changing opportunity to break free from societal distractions and pressures, improve physical and emotional wellness, connect with nature and community on a deeper level, and experience the freedom to align with one’s authentic self! Earth Scouts! is open to anyone 10 years or older living in or near the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Currently we are in the process of program development, fundraising, and scheduling our upcoming 2022 Teen & Adult season. We are looking for teachers, participants, and volunteers who would like to be a part of this new program. To get involved, contact our Earth Scouts Coordinator, Shannon Long, at

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