KXCJ-LP 105.7 | Community Radio

KXCJ-LP 105.7 FM is a Low Power FM radio station (LPFM), coming to Oregon's Illinois Valley.

KXCJ-LP is a volunteer run, independent voice serving our communities by addressing local and regional interests. We will bring fun and educational programs to our listeners, which do not duplicate what is already available on the airways. We seek to increase the cultural and economic vitality of the Illinois Valley.

Please visit the new website www.kxcj.org for all of the latest news

The KXCJ-LP Steering Committee, an all-volunteer group, is united in a desire to bring an exciting, informative, and eclectic community radio station to Cave Junction, Takilma, Kerby, O'Brien and parts of Selma. We are now raising money to buy major pieces of broadcast equipment and studio gear. A few of the items we need include a transmitter (about $3,500), an antenna ($350), an Emergency Alert System Decoder, ($3,000), a control board, (around $2,000), and of course, an “On Air” light, ($100).

We would like to raise $7,000 by the end of this year, so that we can take advantage of a “bulk-buy” that is being organized with other new low-power FM stations.

The Steering Committee is also pursuing grant-writing opportunities to complement our local, community-based fund-raising. However, a core value of Spiral Living Center is to rely on the skills and resources already present in our region, as well as to build up greater capabilities in the communities of the Illinois Valley. Outside funders are often reluctant to support new projects unless they see an active and successful fund-raising campaign with widespread support.

This is why Spiral Living Center and the KXCJ Steering Committee have organized and/or participated in five events in the last eight months. This community has raised over $9,000 towards our equipment fund, rent for our office and studio, insurance, and engineer help! We—all of us, together—have now built a solid foundation that demonstrates the strong grassroots desire to see this project become a vibrant reality--a source not only of local culture and information, but also of pride and empowerment for all of us here in the IV and beyond.

Will you join us, as we take our next crucial steps towards the most important phase of this project?

Will you join us in getting KXCJ-LP, 105.7 FM, on the air as soon as possible in 2016?

Please make a tax-deductible donation today. However small or large, it will certainly make a difference!

Make your check or money order out to Spiral Living Center, write “KXCJ” on the memo line, and mail to:

PO BOX 2518
Cave Junction OR 97523

To donate online go to www.spiralliving.org and follow the "Donate" button on the right to paypal — make sure to note that you want your donation to support KXCJ by emailing us a note, or filling out the box on the paypal site!

Along with your donation, feel free to write us a note about your vision for KXCJ, and its role in the IV. Check out our website (a work in progress) http://www.kxcj.org/ or visit us on facebook.

Carolyn, Dave, Debbie, Deborah, Emily, Keeeth, and Nellie --KXCJ Steering Committee

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