The IV Gleaners harvest and distribute fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. We take freshly picked produce and distribute it to volunteer workers, landowners, food banks and the gleaning project. Please contact us if you have crops to donate, or if you would like to help with the gleaning. We are always seeking donations of harvesting tools and supplies.

Food Resources in the Illinois Valley

In an effort to encourage local gardeners and farmers to share excess food crops with those in need, Spiral Living Center’s IV Food Coalition has created a ‘Food Resources in the Illinois Valley’ flier. The flier was distributed through the Illinois Valley News and the Common Ground newsletter, and will soon be available at locations throughout the Valley.

“We were able to print and distribute 3500 copies of the flier through the help of local donors and the Carpenter Foundation of Medford. Our team worked many hours gathering the information and designing the flier,” said Mara Lambert, the Center’s office assistant.

Our flyer also lists local meal programs and has suggestions for stocking an emergency food pantry. The food banks listed on the flier have mentioned an increase in requests for food assistance. Donations of canned goods, in addition to fresh produce, are continuously needed to meet the increased demand.

For free copies of the flier, please contact Spiral Living Center at 541-592-3642, or Spiral Living Center is a non-profit educational center promoting sustainable living skills in the Illinois Valley.