Full Virtual Fermentation Series


Purchase our 10 week Fall Virtual Fermentation Festival Series! Get access to all 10 videos and PDFs as they become available!


Our annual SLC Fermentation Festival is going virtual this year! Join Earth Scouts!, our NEW educational program, for our 10 week Fall Virtual Fermentation Festival! Featuring local Illinois Valley & Southern Oregon mentors sharing their knowledge on all things fermentation! Learn how to make your own probiotic drinks, kimchi, miso, wine, sourdough, sauces, soil amendments, and more! Each video will air weekly here on the SLC website on Fridays at 4PM PST from October 1-November 26, 2021. You can also access each video on our Spiral Living Vimeo Account.

After your purchase:

  • You will receive all of our private passwords in the notes on your final checkout page that can be entered to access the each week’s episode. Every episode has a different password all 10 passwords make up a WORD related to fermentation! Just return back to the main Fermentation Page to enter the password and watch the episode or visit us on Vimeo. Please honor our password system by not sharing with anyone who has not purchased the series. We value your trust and respect of our work! If you are watching as a family or multi-household, only one purchase is necessary to stream.
  • A downloadable educational PDF is included! A link to download will appear after checkout. Use this to take notes and follow along in your own kitchen! Print out and save your recipes for years to come. Depending on when you purchase the series, you might receive 1-10 PDF downloads. We will email you all current PDFs as the series continues and they become available.
  • All videos are available indefinitely-watch the series at your own pace at any time.
  • If you have trouble accessing any passwords or downloading PDFs, please email us.

Earth Scouts! is a program of Spiral Living Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the Illinois Valley since 2006.