EPISODE 3: LAB with Shannon Long


Continuing our Fall Virtual Fermentation Festival on Friday October 15th, is Earth Scouts! Coordinator Shannon Long, sharing with us a simple recipe for LAB culture.  


Continuing our Fall Virtual Fermentation Festival on Friday October 15th, is Earth Scouts! Coordinator Shannon Long, sharing with us all about LAB! LAB refers to a large group of bacteria that produce lactic acid as a by-product of digesting their food source (usually carbohydrates). Lactic Acid then accumulates to ferment or “pickle” food. LAB is present in many types of fermented foods, drinks, and supplements that we cover in the Fermentation Festival, including next week’s episode on Raw Milk Kefir with Tesha. In your garden, LAB can be combined with other plant nutrient solutions and applied as a foliar spray along to leaf surfaces of leaf/fruit crops. On the homestead, LAB culture can transform a malodorous, anaerobic livestock pen into an odorless system! It can also be given to most livestock species to consume through their feed and/or water as a probiotic to help foster healthy gut flora, enhance their immune systems, and aid in digestion. In this episode, Shannon shows us how to make a simple LAB culture using white rice and other tools available in most kitchens.

Shannon Long owns and operates CS Designs, a small business based out of Southern Oregon focused on graphic design and printing. Besides her passion for art and the great outdoors, she also has a love for traveling. Being born in Germany, she has seen many European countries since childhood and upon moving to America she has visited most of the continental US. During her travels, she made a living being an artist/merchant and volunteered for multiple organizations helping the homeless, incarcerated, & the environment. Her love of diversity and communication has brought her close to many interesting people, including SLC’s late board member Scout. As former travel companions, they shared many morals and aspirations. Shannon was first brought to Southern Oregon by Scout, who then settled down in the Illinois Valley and became an active member of the community. Inspired by Scout’s way of life and her desire to share skills with others, Shannon has joined SLC in 2021, serving as the new Earth Scouts! Coordinator.

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