EPISODE 5: Medicinal Libations


Learn how to make your own home wines with SLC Founders Deb Lukas & Steve Orr!


In our fifth episode, Deb Lukas & Steve Orr showcase how to make a variety of fermented Medicinal Libations. Home wine-brewing can encompass so much more than just creating alcohol. Although that can be a joyful end point, by adding in herbs, fruits, and berries, complex elixirs can be created that include numerous health benefits. In this video, Deb and Steve demonstrate two different methods of extracting juice from Hawthorn berries and Chokecherries locally foraged from their farm. Hawthorn contains powerful antioxidants known to promote heart and cardiovascular health. Consuming small amounts of your own medicinal libations can help bring the body back into balance depending on the qualities and quantities of herbs added. Enjoy in good health! Cheers! Salud! Santé! Prost! Skål! Sláinte! Kanpai!

Deb and Steve are the co-tenders of Frog Farm, a hub of inspiration, permaculture in action, and the birthplace of Spiral Living Center which they co-founded in 2006. Located in Takilma OR, they are surrounded by frog songs and food forests interwoven with dozens of fruit trees, 100+ species of medicinal herbs, and families of goats, chickens, humans, dogs, and cats. Their goal is to provide our local community with more medicinal organic food lovingly raised through sustainable methods.

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